Add a Button

There are two different ways you can add a Button to your website. One way is through the Content tool, and the other is through the Design tool.

Both ways require you to have your URL ready to input in the Enter URL field, so be sure you have that before creating your button! You are also given the option to type in the title of a page on your website to link the button to another page.

To add a button through the Content tool:

1. Select the Content panel in the gray navigation bar, and click into the page where you’d like to add a Button.


2. Click on the green plus sign to add a Button block.


3. Add in the URL and Button text to your Button block to populate it with information.


4. Select the green Publish button when you’re ready to take your changes live!



To add a button to already existing text:

On every widget with a text description field (simple list, image, text) we can now turn any selected text into a button.



To add a button through the Design tool:

1. Select the Design tab in the gray navigation bar and select the page that has the text you'd like to turn into a Button.

2. Highlight the text you would like to make into a Button. In the black box that appears, click on the Create/Remove Button icon.


3. In the black box that appears, paste the URL you'd like to link to or type in the name of another page on your website to link the button


4. Click the Open in a new window icon if you'd like the button to open a new window in the visitor's browser.

5. Select the blue Save button.

6. Click the Publish button to take your changes live!

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