How do I use the navigation bar?

Please view the following screenshot with corresponding numbers to learn what each item in our navigation bar does:


1. By selecting this section, it will allow you to switch between multiple sites on your account, create a new site, manage your liveBooks account, or logout. "Active Site" will display the current site you are managing through the Dashboard.

2. The Dashboard is the main page of your liveBooks account, it is where you land every time you login to the platform. You are able to find some helpful information on this page as well as your Support PIN.

3. The Design tab of the navigation bar houses our inline editing tool that allows you to creatively design and manage pages of your website.  The Design editor is your greatest tool in visually designing your website template.

4. The Content tab is where you will be able to add Content Sections (pages), the Content tab also gives you access to your Image Library and your Resource Library. You will be able to manage global sections of your site such as the footer or sidebar on this page as well.

5. The Settings page (gear icon) gives you access to all of your websites settings. There are quite a few sub-pages under the Settings header.

6. The green Publish button will be visible if you have pending Design changes that are ready to be published live. If you do not have a custom or subdomain setup, the Publish button will never show green as you are not ready to make your site live.

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