Create a Thumbnail Image Gallery

We have several gallery options that have thumbnail menus for all liveBooks websites. Thumbnails allow your viewers to quickly preview your images before viewing the enlarged version, all on one page. 



1. After adding your Image Gallery to your page, select Design this page at the top of the sidebar


2. Select your Image Gallery block on the righthand side

3. You will see the first box titled Type, select it and under Slideshows, select 1 of the last four options

4. Customize your Thumbnail Gallery by using the settings below


5. Under Type you will notice customization settings to adjust the look of your gallery

6. Unless you specifically don't want this option, we suggest you check "Preserve Aspect Ratio".  If left un-ticked, this feature zooms and crops images to make room for the thumbnails.

7. Select Save and Publish

That's it!


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