Add a Blog to Your Website

A blog page is a great way to create content and keep your visitors engaged.  We offer an option for this on your liveBooks site.  Our inline blog is a fully functioning website page.  It works great for SEO as any other blog offering out there.


Follow these steps to set one up:

1. Select Content from the navbar

2. Select Add New Pages 

2. Select Blog and then select Add

Now you're ready to start blogging!


To add a new blog post to your website, try these steps:

1. Select Content from the navbar

2. Select your Blog page and scroll down to the Posts block

3. Select Add new post

4. Here you can enter a Title, Date, Author, create your blog post in Description and add any related images

You can also add many types of additional content blocks, such as Video with text, Image gallery, and Contact.



You can limit the number of posts per page and dictate the verbiage that will appear on the link enabling users to view more posts and view all posts.

1. Select Content
2. Select your Blog page
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the posts block and click on the field labeled Posts per page
4. Select the number of posts that appear before the user has to click into the next page




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