Block Google Analytics Spam Referrals

Some Google Analytics users are affected by this issue and we at liveBooks wanted to address how to fix it.  

Occasionally other websites use your Google Analytics code and submit data to it.  You, as the webmaster could be tricked in including a link to that site on yours thinking that you're returning a favor to a company that is sending traffic your way.

liveBooks has been asked to block some of these before with a firewall rule but this is not effective since you need to keep that filter continuously updated.
Essentially, to fix this, you will need to setup a filter that only allows your GA code to send information regarding your domain only. This will cut out any unwanted hostname trying to use your code and pollute your data.
Create a filter
1.  Under the administration panel for your domain, locate the Raw Data and click Filters.
2.  Click '+Add Filter' and name it something you will remember such as ' Only'.  
3.  Confirm that the filter type is 'Include'
4.  Click into the filter you just created to edit it
5.  Change the filter field under include to 'Hostname'
6.  Save your work
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