Does liveBooks have a internal storage solution?

liveBooks is not currently offering an internal storage solution.  Below are the options and platforms that we recommend for cloud storage and file sharing.
Using a third-party storage and sharing service:
Please click here for a comprehensive list of even more solutions for file hosting both free and paid.
Note: if you are looking to host private proofing galleries for your clients, please see this article on how to set it up! 
Attaching storage to your domain and linking via FTP:

If you prefer to setup your own solution with your registrar or another company that sells Virtual Private Server storage the general process is as follows.
  • Purchase a VPS solution from a provider you have chosen (i.e. Dreamhost VPS storage)
  • Link this storage area to their domain via a cname like ''.  Each provider will have a specific way to do this with your registrar.
  • Once setup, you can use an FTP client like FileZilla to access this storage area.
  • If you want to link Adobe Lightroom and a public folder on this FTP storage area, you are able to from LR itself.  This could be used to upload and share HTML web galleries 

Note:  the registrar can be different than the storage /ftp company and it can be different than the website hosting company.  There are no technical issues with this. If you choose a provider that says otherwise this is due to their business policy, not the fact that it cannot be done.

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