Add a Video Gallery to Your Website


Video Galleries grant you the option to add multiple videos on one page, in a pleasing manner. Adding a Video Gallery block to your page is simple, here is how you can do it:

1. Select Content from the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. From the Content tool, select the Page you'd like your Video Gallery on, from your list of Pages. (Ours is titled "Video Gallery")


Note: In this scenario, we will be working in a Generic page type.

3. From your Page, select the green (+) button between Content blocks, you will see all of your available block options.

4. Select the Video Gallery option:


5. The block will immediately show up on the page, select the green Add Video button to input your first YouTube or Vimeo video:


6. Now, go to YouTube or Vimeo's website in a new tab or window. Navigate to the video of your choice, then simply copy the video's URL to your clipboard.

7. Head back to the liveBooks Dashboard on the Page you have been working on in Content.

8. Now paste the video's URL into the item you added earlier. 

(Right-click and Paste or CMD+V for Mac | CTRL+V for PC)

Note: You may also paste the video embed code into the item, but we find pasting the URL easier.



9. Repeat Step 5-8 for as many videos you'd like to have in your Video Gallery.

You will notice that after you paste the URL, the platform grabs the video's Title and Description from the Video source (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).

10. When done, select the green Publish button to make it live to your website.



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