Update Credit Card Information/Expired Card

If your subscription has gone past due, or your credit card expiration date has changed, you will see messages on your dashboard telling you to update your credit card information. You can do that within your Account settings.

NOTE: this info covers changing or updating existing billing info on a paid account. if you would like to upgrade your account, click here


Adding a New Credit Card

If your account is showing the past due banner at the top of your dashboard, it means that your credit card information needs to be updated to continue your subscription. Follow these steps to update your card details:

1. Click on your site name, and then on Account.



2. Select Subscriptions under the Manage Account header.

Note: Only the Owner on the subscription may edit payment information. (See our Users & Roles guide)

4. Select the blue Edit link under the credit card icon on your subscription:


5. Select the blue Add new payment method link to input a new credit card into the subscription:

Note: Only the primary user (Owner) on the account can edit the payment information.


6. Type in your new card information into the modal that appears and click Save to finish. The payment will process after you press the Save button; when your payment is successful, you will regain access to the Dashboard areas immediately and your subscription returns to active status.



Updating An Existing/Expiring Credit Card:

If you receive an automated email from us notifying you that a card assigned to your subscription is about to expire, you may update the expiration date in your liveBooks Dashboard.

1. Select the Active Site area in the top lefthand corner of your Dashboard.

2. Select the Account button to enter your Account settings:


3. Select Subscriptions under the Manage Account header.

4. Select the blue Edit link under the credit card icon on your subscription.

5. Select the blue Manage payment method link to view your payment methods:


 6. Select the blue Update link next to the credit card you need to edit:


7. Input your new expiration date, then confirm the CVC and postal code. Select the blue Save button to complete your changes: 


NOTE: Updating an expired card with a new expiration date does not automatically process a past-due payment right away, so if you need your subscription active immediately, give us a call at 888-546-3751 or email support@livebooks.comNote: If you do not have a Phone Support PIN, our team can still access your billing details over the phone, but cannot provide phone support on website edits.

If you wait 12 hours, the system will try your new card on file and the site will go back to an up to date status. 

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