How do I use my Reporting features?

Web traffic information is recorded in your liveBooks Dashboard the very instant that you publish your site with us. Clients on the Professional or Custom subscription tiers can view their Reporting results as a feature within the editor itself. Use your Reporting results to view analytics information right from the Dashboard.

Access the Reporting area on your main Dashboard page, next to the Welcome tab:




Time intervals - Sort traffic information between 4 different spans of time (Hours, Days, Weeks and Years).
Pageviews - The pageview count goes up anytime a person loads or reloads any page of your website.
Device Breakout - The circle graph shows you what percentage of site visitors are on a Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or Television device.
Question: Why is the pageview count different on liveBooks compared to my third party analytics connection?
Some analytics systems filter out more web crawlers or other visitor types. Seeing different numbers is due to how each analytics system processes a visitor on the website.

Tip: For more in-depth analytics information, try connecting an Analytics connection in the Apps panel and analyze your traffic via a third party.

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