Link Business Profile to Specific Blocks

Filling out your website's Business profile information is optional for you, but we recommend filling it out as it can help you quickly link your business information to the "Contact Us" portion of your website. We offer a quick "content link" option on these three content blocks: AddressContact, and Hours. Follow the steps below to locate your Business profile and to link your information to the blocks.

1. If your Business profile is blank, the content link icon will not perform any action, so access the Business profile and input your information if you need. You may access the Business profile by entering Settings (gear icon) in your Dashboard, it takes you directly to the profile:


2. Input your business information into all of the fields on the Profile page:


3. Head to the Content area of the Dashboard. The Contact page is the only page type that allows you to link your business profile into blocks. Either add a new contact page if you don't have one or enter your pre-existing Contact page now.

4. In your Contact page, you may add one of three block types that allow you to link your business profile information into the block:




You will see the content link icon in the top righthand corner of the three blocks, it is shown enabled (blue) here on this Address block:


When the link option is enabled, you will see a message saying, "This block is currently linked to your business profile. To turn off linking, click the link icon above." Below the message, you will see the fields are populated with your information and you can't edit them. Go back to the business profile if you need to make changes.

5. Make sure to press Publish to make your changes live on the site. 


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