Reorder/Adjust Navigation Items/Menu

Adjusting your menu navigation for your liveBooks site is easy to do.


Reorder Pages

simply drag and drop the page blocks with the grabbers (sometimes called the Hamburger icon) on the left of each page's name:

1. Select Content

2. Here you will see your Pages

3. Use the Hamburger icons to click and drag the arrangement of your pages

Note: The order of the page blocks forms the order of the navigation menu.




Hide and un-hide pages from your site menu / navigation

To show or hide a specific page from your navigation:

1. Select Content
2. Select the gear icon on the page block
3. Toggle on/off Show in navigation (grey is OFF, blue is ON)



Create sub-navigation or 'drop down' menu items:

1. Select Content from your navbar
2. Add the Content Sections according to your sitemap
3. Use the Arrows on each page to nest the blocks under the main block which will be seen in your navigation bar 






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