Add a Map to Your Contact Page

Adding a Google Maps image or interactive map to your site is a builtin feature that allows you to quickly add a map to your location on almost any page. Our Contact page template automatically includes an "Address" block, making it easier to setup your Contact page.

1. Select Add New Pages and add a Contact page if you don't have one already (see article for directions)

2. You will find after opening this page that there are already 3 included default blocks


3. If you are needing to add a map to your already existing contact page, select the green + button on the page, then select Address

4. Find the Address block and enter your location's address in its field. Enable a Google Map by toggling the option on.

Note: Disabling this option will only display the Address you enter.


5. To take this another step further, you may want to make the map interactive (zoom and pan functions). Go to the Design panel from the Contact page in Content by selecting Design this page



6. Select the Address block shown on the right

7. Select the Interactive option instead of Image

8. Select Save and Publish to make your changes live.


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