Create and Share Proof Sheets

With your liveBooks website, you are easily able to create password protected Proof Sheets for clients. The end-user will be able to access the proof sheet you share with them via a password you create, view the content you have prepared for them, and download the desired images.  


  • Select Content from the navbar
  • Select Collections under the Content header


  • Click Proof Sheets


  • To create a new Proof Sheet, click Add New Proof Sheet


  • Enter your Title, unique Password for this specific Proof Sheet and choose whether you wish the status to be Active. 
    • Active

      • All content within the proof sheet is published on the website. Any images added while in this state will go live immediately upon adding the image.

    • Inactive

      • All content within the proof sheet is NOT published on the website.
    • Scheduled
      • All content within the proof sheet is NOT published on the website but is scheduled to become Active at a specifically defined date and time.



  • Select your images. Images are added to the new proof sheet and loaded to the image collection simultaneously. This allows you to use proof sheet images on your website. **Please note that images above 144 DPI are not able to be uploaded at this time.


NOTE: Watermarking your images if recommended if you are worried about unauthorized use.  If this is the case, upload newly watermarked images to your Proof Sheet rather than choosing from your library. Click here for instructions on how to watermark your images with Adobe Lightroom.




View, Link, and Settings

Based on the status of a proof sheet, you can easily view the customer-facing proof sheet by clicking on the “eye” icon. They can review and copy the proof sheet URL by clicking on the link icon. additionally, you can duplicate and/or delete the proof sheet by clicking on the settings icon.




Categories & Sort

Categories can be added to proof sheets by clicking on the + Add New Category link. You are able to add an unlimited amount of categories and can easily edit the name and position. Within each category, you can sort images via the sort menu dropdown or manually position the images in the order you desire.

NOTE: Best practice calls for limiting the number of images per category to 50 or less.  Keep in mind, the more you add, the longer it will take to load them when viewing the Proof Sheet.




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