How to Access And Use Your Resources Collection

The Resources area of the editor’s collections area enables you to host and share PDFs with ease directly from your website. It is a database, similar to your image library, of all the PDFs you need hosted online.

How to Access And Use Your Resources Collection:

  • Select Content from the navbar
  • Select Collections under the Content header



  • Click Resources


  • To add a new PDF file for external sharing or linking online, choose Add New Resource.


  • Upload the desired file or files and click close.


  • Once uploaded, you will be able to view the file directly, copy the direct URL for linking to your site or sharing to users and adjusting the settings for that particular file (i.e. duplicating it)



If you wish to organize your resources by tags, you are able to easily.  

  • Select the file or files you wish to tag, untag, or delete
  • If tagging your resource, add the desired tags and click save.
  • You are now able to filter resources by these added tags.





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