Adding Users/User Roles

You have the ability to allow multiple users to manage and contribute to your website, all included with the Premium and Concierge subscriptions.

To add a user:

1. Select the Settings icon (the gear icon) in the gray navigation bar and click on the Users & Roles subheader to see the list of users with access to your website.

2. Select the Add User button, enter in the user's email address and then choose a role for them. (Note, that each role has a specific purpose, and some roles restrict access to certain features on the website.)


3. Click on the Save button to send the new user an invitation email. Users that do not already have an account will be given one and asked to assign a password via email confirmation.

What are the different user roles?

There are 4 different roles to assign when adding new users to a site:

Owner: Full access to the Dashboard tools and the ability to Publish. This user typically pays for the website's subscription and is the person who can add the first new user/assign roles. Only the Owner may update payment information on the subscription, so they are the only person that receives transaction receipts by default. You can change Ownership of your website by following this article or by reaching out to your Support Team.

Admin: Full access to the Dashboard tools and the ability to Publish. This user can add new users and assign roles.

Content Only: Can access and make changes to Content only, but not Publish.

Design Only: Can access and make changes to Design only, but not Publish.

Contributor - Content & Design: Can access and make changes to both Content and Design, but not Publish.



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