How do I add an 'under construction' page to my liveBooks site?

If you want to publish your site on your domain but still need to work on it before you fully launch, a good solution would be to set up an 'Under Construction' page.  Doing this will allow you to convey a message to anyone that navigates to your site in the interim of finishing the design.   

To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Either create a new page or choose an existing page on your site that will be the under construction page. 
  2. Make this page your homepage for the site.  Click here for info on how to complete this.
  3. Set up this chosen homepage with the desired info
  4. Select Hide Navigation under the Page Settings in Design. This allows you to continue working on the other pages of your website without hurting SEO, or changing DNS records building a separate site.


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