How do I make text link to a PDF?

liveBooks Support

liveBooks allows you to turn text or images clickable to a PDF.  Follow these steps:

1. Select Content from the navbar
3. Select a page you want a PDF link on
3. Select the green button between content blocks
4. Select the green Resource tile
5. In the Resource block, select Pick from Library or Select From Computer
6. Select the PDF you want to link to
7. Select the Design this page palette icon in the top righthand sidebar
8. Right-click on the PDF link in the preview window and select Copy link address (or similar wording in your browser)
9. Go back to the block in Content that contains your text link
10. Highlight your link text and hit the hyperlink icon
11. Paste (CTRL+V or CMD+V) the link address into the small window (we recommend you check "open in new window")
12. Select Save
13. [Important] Now that your link is inserted properly, you can now delete the Resource block you added in Step 4 by selecting the gear icon on the block and selecting Delete block
14. Select Publish to make this live now
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