Why can I access my site from HTTP:// but not HTTPS://? (SSL/TLS Certificates)

liveBooks Support

There are two main ways for information to be transferred through your browser: HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTP tends to be the standard way for website information to be shared from server (website) to client (you), with HTTPS being the most secure by using TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS will encrypt all of the communications between your browser and website.

Any website that is accessible via the "https://" handle in your browser uses a HTTPS Certificate to encrypt the connection for it's viewers. The viewer may notice a green bar or padlock in the address bar. Businesses and individuals may buy HTTPS certificates themselves through third party websites.

However currently liveBooks does not support HTTPS (SSL/TLS) Certificates and cannot integrate it into your website.  This functionality is however coming very soon.  You may contact their support team for more details.  Email us at help@livebooks.com with any questions.


We recommend to always access your site like normal, via the "http://" method: