What do the Search Settings mean?

The SEO search settings for your website are a few personal preference options for you and your SEO settings. 

1. Select Settings (gear icon) from the navbar

2. Select SEO under the Settings header

3. You will see Search Settings with 4 toggle options:




4. You can enable or disable any of these 4 options:

Allow search engines to index website - Disabling this option will keep search engines from displaying your website on their search engine. This option you want to always keep on if you are trying to improve your search engine visibility.

Append business name / site title to title tag - Enabling this option will make all pages on your site use the SEO site title you specified on this page as their page title.

Include pages not visible in navigation in sitemap.xml - Enabling this option will encourage search engines to index pages that you have hidden from your site's navigation menu.

Allow external canonical URLs - Enabling this option will help you solve a duplicate page indexing issue.

5. Select the green Publish button when done


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