Add a Favicon

A favicon is the name of the small image that appears in your browser's tab for every website you visit:

1. Click here to grant yourself access to developer tools, you will need to do this

2. Select Developer Tools (box with arrows next to gear icon) in the navbar, then select Body JS not CSS

3. In Developer Tools - Body JS, paste this code into the code box:

// Favicon

   var favicon = document.createElement('link');

   favicon.type = 'image/png';

   favicon.rel = 'icon';

   favicon.href = '$c92b991a587b4057a1e99551837ca7b1$';


4. With your mouse, click and highlight the $c92b991a587b4057a1e99551837ca7b1$ portion of the code and click the Insert Image button

5. Select the favicon image from your Image Library

6. Preview your changes at

7. Select Publish

Refresh your website and you should see your new favicon!

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