Adding Users/User Roles

You can add multiple users to work on your site simultaneously. To add a user:

1. Select the Settings icon (gear icon) in the gray navigation bar.
2. Select Users and Roles.
3. Select the green Add User button.
4. Enter an email address and chose privileges for the new user.
5. Click Save.


Note: Users who do not already have a liveBooks account will be given one and ask to assign a password.

There are 4 different roles to choose from when adding new users to a site:

Admin: Full access to the dashboard and the ability to publish.

Owner: Full access to the dashboard and the ability to publish. This user pays for the site subscription and is the first user who can establish other user roles.

Content Only: Can access and make changes to content only, but not publish.

Design Only: Can access and make changes to design only, but not publish.

Contributor - Content & Design: Can access and make changes to both content and design, but not publish.


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