How do I make a Under Construction landing page?

Some users would like to create a construction landing page while they are building their liveBooks website. Here are some instructions on creating a landing page:

1. Select Content

2. Select Add new pages

3. Select Generic 

4. Create your Under Construction content on your new Page

5. Select Design this page on the right

7. Select Page on the right side of the Design panel

8. Click the gear icon, uncheck the item that says "Hide Navigation"

9. Now, go back to the Content tab in navbar

10. Find your new page title and click the gear icon in it's header

11. Select Use as Homepage

Your new Under Construction page has been created and users won't be able to view the rest of the website while it is being created.


When you are ready, here is how to remove your Under Construction page:

1. Select Content

2. Next to your original homepage title select the gear icon in it's header

11. Select Use as Homepage

12. Find your Under Construction page and select the gear icon in it's header

13. Toggle Page Visibility to off

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