How do I update the SEO information for my pages?

If you are wanting to add a page title, description, and keywords to your page's SEO meta details, here is how:

1. Select Content in the navbar

2. Select the Page you want to change SEO details on


3. On the sidebar under SEO you can enter a Site title, description, and keywords for your page.  Each field has a unique character limit and counter so you will always be able to know how much content you are able to fit within each section.

4.  If your plan includes advanced SEO features, you can:

 Add navigation labels:  change the navigation label to specific pages on their website. Changing this will change what shows on the front end of the website menu (giving you all the SEO benefits of your internal page titles)

Canonical URL: If someone tries to copy your content and paste it on their website, search engines will still recognize you as the primary owner of the content.  This is especially important for websites that are constantly generating new, fresh content.


5. Select the green Publish button

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