How do I use Woopra with liveBooks?

To track your liveBooks website performance using Woopra:

1. Go to

2. Select Get Started

3. Fill out the form to sign up for a new account

4. From your Dashboard, click Add Website

5. Provide the information about your liveBooks website

6. Choose the pricing plan that works best for you

7. Click Add Website

8. Go back to your liveBooks dashboard

9. Select Settings (gear icon)

10. Select the Analytics tab

11. Select the green Woopra tile

12. Type the URL of your liveBooks website (the same one you just used to sign up for Woopra) into the field

13. Select Save

Woopra is now tracking the activity on your liveBooks website! To check out what's happening live, just go back to Woopra, sign in and click Live Stats from your Woopra Dashboard.

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