How do I use StatCounter with liveBooks?

To use StatCounter to analyze your traffic and count how many people visit your liveBooks website, first go to

1. Go to

2. Select Sign Up near the top of the page

3. Create an account, following the steps

4. Add a project, which will be the URL of your liveBooks website, then choose the options you prefer (invisible tracking vs. a visible counter, etc.)

5. The next page has links with instructions for various web publishing platforms. You don't need to do anything on this page

6. Click the Home tab and scroll down. You'll see the name of your website hyperlinked within a gray table. On the righthand side of the table, underneath Settings, select the padlock icon.

7. In the list of links on the left-hand side of the next page, select Security Code (ninth from the top)

8. A Project ID and Security Code will appear. You'll use these to link up your StatCounter account with your liveBooks website

9. Leaving the StatCounter tab or window open, open a new browser window and navigate to your liveBooks Dashboard

10. Select Apps under the Settings header

11. Select the Analytics tab

12. Select the green StatCounter tile

13. Switch back over to the StatCounter window, highlight the Project ID, and hit CTRL+C to copy it

14. Back in the liveBooks window, paste the Project ID into the first field in the StatCounter block

15. Follow Steps 4-5 for the Security Code as well, then select Save 

Your website activity is now being tracked by StatCounter!

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