What are legacy URLS and How do I use them with my liveBooks site?

Legacy URLs are essentially redirected pages. You can map "legacy" URLs from your existing website to your new site structure so that users do not receive error messages for bookmarked pages or search results.

You can redirect URLs on your previous website or on your liveBooks website that are no longer in use (because you changed the page name, deleted the section, etc.) to an existing page on your LiveBooks site through Legacy URLs.


1. Select Settings (gear icon)
2. Select Legacy URLs tab


3. In the Redirect from field, type the URL that no longer exists

4. Complete the Redirect from field with the URL that users will enter in their browser

Note: Enter a legacy URL path to redirect from. This should not contain a domain name; rather it should be everything after the domain name (e.g. /my-legacy-page.html)

5. Complete the Redirect to field with the URL that the users will actually arrive at or begin typing the page title on your liveBooks website where you'd like the old link to point; choose the page from the drop-down menu that appears.

Note: Select content or enter a URL to redirect to (e.g. /newest-legacy-page.html)



6.  Click 'Save'

7.  You're done! 

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