How do I add a credit card to my liveBooks account?

liveBooks Support

If your account is showing the past due banner at the top of your dashboard, it means that your credit card information needs to be updated to continue your subscription. Follow these steps to update your card details:

1. Select Active Site from the Dashboard navigation bar to drop down your administrative options:


2. Select the gray Account button:


3. Select Subscriptions under the Manage Account header.

Note: Only the Owner on the subscription may edit payment information. (See our Users & Roles guide)

4. Select the blue Edit link under the credit card icon on your subscription:


5. Select the blue Add new payment method link to input a new credit card into the subscription:

Note: Only the primary user (Owner) on the account can edit the payment information.


6. Type in your new card information into the modal that appears and click Save to finish. The payment will process after you press the Save button; when your payment is successful, you will regain access to the Dashboard areas immediately and your subscription returns to an active status.